Andrey Berezin: Nowadays, the Intellect is the Main Value

Andrey Berezin: Nowadays, the Intellect is the Main Value

Even now, the employees who came in recent years are implementing essential tasks, for example, creating high-frequency generators for processing of high-temperature ceramics. First of all, it concerns doing business in Russia when a severe company has an opportunity to buy out foreign competitors. Invest not only in the process itself but also in equipment and immovable property. Berezin gives an example of how his company has received purchase offers from Nokian Tyres to a gas station fast food chain. The software interface allows one to efficiently manage the process and conduct a considerable part of operations.

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3rd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences & Arts SGEM 2016. ECONOMIC AND LEGAL ASPECTS OF THE PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP MODEL DEVELOPMENT IN RUSSIA. In 2nd International multidisciplinary scientific conference on Social sciences & Arts SGEM 2015. Founded by Berezin Andrey, Euroinvest also operates the management company Murino, which services water and sewage systems, and other utilities. The management company has more than 10 years of experience in this field.

We are interested in the development of electronics, and the creation of new materials and projects in the creative industry sphere seem to be progressive. After all, the creative industry is primarily engaged with young people, and our main task is to support young talents and unlock their potential. And it’s hard to overestimate the benefits of such projects; the future lies in creating a high-quality public environment. Andrey Berezin is Director for Development for International Center for Emerging Markets Research at RUDN University, Moscow.


The evaluation of choices available before the Russian leadership since under sanctions has been carefully carried out to conclude that the outright compliance with sanctioner’s demands can potentially lead to regime destabilisation. To this testifies the symbolic nature which Crimea entertains for the Russian sense of pride, and the inclusion of Ukraine into the broader geopolitical struggle for Russia’s return to aspired greatness. The issue of cooperation with Spain in the medical field does not end there. In the near future, Andrey Berezin plans to launch the production of unique devices for treating lung cancer. The prototype device has already been successfully presented in Russia and has passed the first clinical tests. This apparatus allows for radiation therapy during surgery (intraoperative treatment) when the doctor simultaneously removes the malignant tumor and uses X-rays to treat the affected areas.

  • Their son attended a specialized mathematics school, was actively involved in various sports, and loved to read.
  • The construction company Euroinvest Development, which has long and productively developed under the wing of Euroinvest, has proved itself on the best side in Russia.
  • You know, they say it’s the time of the knowledge economy when intelligence and human intelligence are at the top of the list of priorities.
  • At the beginning of this year, our old friends, the World Club of Petersburgers, summed up the results of the Prometheus Star contest.
  • Andrey Berezin decided long ago to pay special attention to development as not only a perspective but also an exciting direction.

Svetlana PJSC is a genuinely unique enterprise, established as far back as 1889 with the production of the first Russian incandescent bulbs. Berezin plans to offer this work to his Spanish colleagues in the future since this necessary equipment for modern medicine is not yet produced in this country. Today, when many companies are leaving our country, investing as a business can be both extremely profitable and destructive. Everything depends on experience, knowledge, and the ability to make crucial decisions quickly. Andrey Valerievich emphasizes that even a good asset may not be helpful to everyone. It would be wrong to say that the entrepreneur’s talent is cramped in Russia; he is just used to working as productively as possible and looking for optimal conditions for growth and earnings.

“EU membership might attract European banks and other financial institutions to enter Georgia”

The antique gave its name to one of the most extensive modern domestic holdings, specializing in producing electric vacuum devices and microelectronic products. Svetlana overcame the tumultuous XX century, remaining intact in the dashing 90s whilst making a robust reserve for successful development in the XXI century. For example, we postponed the idea of building a dairy farm because, in the current economic situation, it was not expedient. The fact is that dairy products were sold only within the Pskov region and fully covered its needs. Just as we do not plan to stop the activity of holding Euroinvest, we will continue to develop it in many exciting directions.

Advanced materials of automobile bodies in volume production

Entrepreneurs from Russia actively cooperated with their Spanish partners on a mutually beneficial basis. In 2020, silicon biochips were developed and immediately entered the market as part of domestic medical devices. Moreover, with the onset of the covid pandemic, microfluidic analytical chips were also created to enable the sequencing of pathogens for real-time monitoring, as well as the assessment of the biological environment. The company almost annually announces the launch of innovative devices that successfully compete with global counterparts. As of 2021, 20% of Svetlana’s products were exported, and in terms of high-tech developments, this is the exception rather than the rule for our country (high-tech products account for only 2.5% of total Russian exports).